Ian Redfern Gas Services conduct testing and purging services for all your systems pipe work, a critical safety requirement. These procedures are undertaken to ensure that all installed gas pipes are without leaks, and are operational and functional. 
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Tightness Test 

The tightness test for pipes includes: 
General pipe work surveying 
Test and calibration of pressure gauges 
Total evaluation of system and pipe safety 

Strength Test 

Newly installed piping systems must undergo strength tests for evaluation and identification of possible construction errors or defects. 
Analysis includes: 
Installation assessment 
Installation volume calculation 
Pressurisation evaluation 
Overall strength analyses and reading 


To discard and remove potentially combustible gases inside commercial pipe works, it is necessary that purging is carried out. This ensures that the pipe works will not be responsible for any system failures or gas outburst and explosion. 
Thorough calculation and evaluation for the purging test will be done by our gas safe engineers. 
Procedures for testing, however, may differ depending on pipe type, usage, and/or composition. For more detailed methodologies and procedures, get in touch with Ian Redfern Gas Services today. 
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