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Thinking of buying a new boiler? What is it that you need, and how do you know what’s perfect for your home? 
Intergas Boilers, a Dutch manufacturer which has been around in the industry for nearly 40 years, offers a reliable, wide range of products with availability in accordance to your needs. In preparation for the process of your boiler upgrade, we give you 3 things to consider before you make the purchase. 
1. The Type: What kind of Intergas Boiler do you need? 
Before buying and installing, you have to take into account the kind of boiler your house needs. How many rooms, and exactly how many showers do you have? For a quick overview, herein is a rundown of the three major types of boilers, namely combination (combi), conventional, and system, together with descriptions of how they work. 
Combination boilers are convenient in the absence of water tanks, because it heats water on demand as you need it. Delivered directly from the primary plumbing, the flow of heated water comes from the main pipes. On the other hand, conventional boilers are the classic tank-requiring boiler types which already store the preheated water beforehand. Located either at the attic of your house or in an enclosed storage partition, these regular units need to be properly and strategically positioned. Whilst system boilers also have tanks, there is an additional separate storage cylinder for hot water. 
2. The Cost: How much is your budget? 
Not only should you consider the type. Your estimated budget should also be taken into account, because the boiler unit and its installation have separate costs. Typical prices of Intergas Boilers range from £800 to £1500. 
3. The Convenience: Are parts easily available, and are maintenance repairs within reach? 
Should an unfortunate boiler breakdown happens, are replacement mechanisms and maintenance repairs easy to handle? Spare parts and service engineers for repair labour should always be within reach and available to help you out. 
Well-known and trusted, Intergas Boilers promotes having lesser parts, which means they have lesser chances of failing. The manufacturer has been around for decades, and positive reviews and feedbacks regarding their services are also available on the web. 
Just bought a new boiler and in dire need of skilled men to install it? IR Gas Services handles all installation, repairs, and maintenance works for your gas, heating, and plumbing systems. 
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