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Choosing a new boiler comes with numerous considerations. Before installation, the overall home heating system must be taken into account (the number of house occupants and the number of rooms), together with the type of fuel it will use as a source of energy and power (gas, electricity, oil, or solid fuel). 
Below are certain types of Viessman boilers you might want to consider when choosing for your home. 
With weather becoming more & more unpredictable and unforeseeable, having quality & convenient heating systems at home prove to increase comfort. However, these heating systems must also be closely monitored and regulated, as these systems demand and require cost and energy. The colder the weather outside, the more heat is needed to maintain a warm temperature flow in your home. Hotter weather, on the other hand, demands a lesser use of energy for your system. 
Weather compensation is an effective way to be able to monitor and regulate energy use inside your house. Working with your boiler to adjust and compensate for heat loss due to cold climate, weather compensators give you a level of control to your home’s overall temperature. By having the power to monitor and alter your boiler’s energy use, you can regulate the energy it produces. This regulation further leads in giving you more savings concerning energy consumption. 


  • December 2018
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